Saturday, October 17, 2009

Medifare Serfdom Corrupts Seniors and American Values

As the “healthcare” debate rages on, there remains a pernicious situation that is left entirely un-discussed—the ongoing serfdom of American seniors and the corruption of the values on which they were reared, all as a result of the government welfare program called Medicare.

That the state should have no active role in the delivery or insurance of medical care is trivially obvious upon a thorough reading of the Constitution.  That some should have the expenses of these things paid for with other people’s money is immoral, to say the least.  For those who say that they paid for these “benefits”, you’ll have to explain to me, then why the annual Federal budget is in chronic deficit, year after year, if “your” money (drawn from its fictional lock box) is being used to pay the way.

I don’t know if the depth of the corruption is beyond the point of remission, but the $250 bribe to Social Security recipients may be American Senior’s 30 pieces of silver moment—we’ll see.

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