Monday, October 26, 2009

Gridlock for [Fill in the Office]

A give-and-take with one of the local Junior Obama worshippers elicited a comment from me that we Conservatives should keep in mind.  I told the fellow that I was something he should fear much more than a Republican—a Conservative.  I told him the reason is that we Conservatives don’t care if we never hold an elected office—we are satisfied merely to be sure that Statist radicals (and RINO wannabes) are defeated.  That is more than sufficient to maintain ordered liberty, since an officeholder of either major party that shows such tendencies (e.g., Dede Scozzafava) is harmful beyond party ideology.  I personally am a fan of and have used that option on several ballots.  It would be good to have it instituted into State law, but I suspect I’ll have to move to an American state (Idaho comes to mind) to have a chance.

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