Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Good Mahometans Are The Problem

When I have spoken to individuals and groups on the history of interaction between Western Civilization and the followers of the Prophet Mohammed, the conversation inevitably tends toward consternation that “good” Muslims don’t stand up and confront the “radicals” whom they see as perverting the “religion of peace” as they wage jihad.  One of the few of my friends who has no reservations in speaking his mind on such matters counters that “there are no good ones.”  While I empathize with his blanket condemnation of a group of people who consider the only choices for an Infidel to be conversion, dhimmitude, or death, I believe we need to be more aggressive in facing down the knee jerk political correctness that the Fort Hood terrorist attack has exposed.  Dismissing the offending group outright will not temper their deadly behavior.

Some time after the Iran hostage taking and before the first World Trade Center bombing, I came to the conclusion that I had a civic responsibility to inform myself about Mohammedans (I use this term, despite Wikipedia telling me it is now another source of offense for the comically thin-skinned followers of the Prophet).  While it is repeatedly said that one cannot fathom the Koran if read in other than Arabic (funny, that doesn’t seem to stop Indonesians, Pakistanis, Africans, Malaysians, etc. from being counted among the faithful), I sought out and read English language translations of the “holy” book, as well as making a serious effort at reading the Hadith and Sunnah.  I could come to but one conclusion from all of this tedious research:  my friend is wrong—there are “good” Muslims and they are the ones waging Jihad.  One of the reasons that the jihadis have no compunction in slaughtering mostly fellow Muslims when they wreak their havoc in their home countries is that the Koran makes it clear that those not waging jihad are only slightly less repugnant than an Infidel.

This leaves a small point to concede to apologists for “good” Muslims.  There are many people adhering to Islam who are peaceful, raising good children, hard-working, and honest.  I would call them good people adhering to Islam badly, not “good” Muslims.  There is no hope to be held out that these people will ever stand up to the jihadis and “take back” Islam from the “radicals” because they know (even if we won’t admit it) that they will be mowed down as quickly as any Infidel if they show such apostate tendencies.  And I must concede that the jihadis are nothing if not consistent in their adherence to Islam by taking such a stand.

I fear that the American character finds the concept of absolute and eternal intolerance of others (the essence of Mohammedism) so alien that they will never be able to bring themselves to believe it is lodged in the soul of Islam.  Thus, it will take a slaughter much worse than Fort Hood or 9/11 before there is any hope of action.  Even then, it will be an existential survival reaction, not an awakening to the nature of the threat source.  I pray none reading (or writing) this will be victims of this cultural blind spot when the inevitable happens.

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