Tuesday, November 24, 2009

If Palin Were Nominated, Would You Vote for Obama?

I have a thought experiment for the (Country-/Yacht-/Racquet-/Men’s-) Club Republicans:  If Sarah Palin were the Republican Party nominee for President in 2008, would you:

  1. Vote for a third-party candidate to tangibly lodge your disapproval (donations to the Perot Presidential Library will be forwarded to the Clinton Presidential Library, so you needn’t question your credit card statement)?
  2. Withhold your vote to tacitly lodge your disapproval?
  3. Vote for Junior?

A RINO with a remaining shred of integrity would pick 3, the other choices being merely the back door equivalent.  That way, you’d at least show the character to accept joint responsibility for the blood that is on the hands of the Surrendocrats, and the rest of us would know to ignore your insincere hand wringing about your grandchildren’s posterity.

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